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Fibre Broadband

Stream your favourite TV shows and movies, play games, and get all the web browsing you could possibly want with MyOwn Tel’s Fibre Internet, dedicated to Sanctuary Cove Residents. Our plans have absolutely no excess data charges, so you’ll never have to worry about bill-shock again! Check out our super competitive Fibre Internet plans below, ranging from a basic connection all the way up to premium speeds for those who need the extra throughput.

Fibre Phone

Whether holidaying for a week or living at Sanctuary Cove, we have the plan for you! With all of our Sanctuary Cove voice services, you will be able to make free calls to anyone connected on the Sanctuary Cove FTTH Network. Calls to any other landline in Australia not on the FTTH network are charged at a low flat rate, no matter how long you talk for. We also offer low-cost call rates to mobile phones in Australia, in addition to fantastic call rates to anywhere in the world.

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Or skip down to our Fibre Phone plan if you don’t need Internet.

Step 2 > Choose your minimum contract term

For houses where the FTTH has been connected to the Network Terminating Unit (NTU) at your home and is cabled through to ports throughout your home, there will be a basic setup fee. For houses where the FTTH is connected from the street to the NTU, but needs to be patched through to Network ports in the home then a technician will need to attend. You may elect to hire your own, or pay for Pro On-Site Setup and MyOwn Tel will come and perform this work for you. If the FTTH is not connected from the street to the NTU you will need to contact Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate on 07 5500 3333.

6 Months

$99 Basic Setup / $299 Pro On-Site Setup BYO Wireless Router, or buy one from us from just $149!

12 Months

$49 Basic Setup / $249 Pro On-Site Setup BYO Wireless Router, or buy one from us from just $149!

24 Months

$0 Basic Setup / $200 Pro On-Site Setup BYO Wireless Router, or buy one from us from just $149!

Step 3 > How about a phone plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up?
Unfortunately no. Whilst we’d love to provide these super awesome plans to everyone, they are only available to customers who are connected to the Sanctuary Cove Fibre To The Home (FTTH) Network. Keep checking back though, because we will be growing our network footprint in the future.
Can I take one service without the other?
Yes! You are free to just connect with MyOwn Tel for your Internet, or just connect with us for your Home Phone.
Can I connect to other Service Providers?
You most certainly can! Whilst we’d rather you connect both services with us (so you can save $$$), you are absolutely free to connect one or the other service to another Service Provider. To do that, all you need to do is contact your desired provider’s sales team.
Do I need my own modem or router?
Possibly. The SC FTTH will connect to a small box usually in your garage or on the side of the house. In some cases this can be patched into your existing home network, depending on your home network setup. If it isn’t connected to your home network, you’re free to use your own router, or purchase one from us. Contact us today for great options and great prices on wireless routers.
Can I connect Foxtel?
For all pay television services, including Foxtel, you simply need to contact your desired provider of choice to get connected.

Terms & Conditions

1. Service only available to customers residing in the Sanctuary Cove community. 2. Only available to businesses and homes that are connected to the Fibre network and have phone points cabled and connected to the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network. 3. If Fibre is available but not patched, a technician visit is required to access the network. 4. Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge. 5. Full list of international rates available by calling MyOwn Tel Customer Service. 6. All prices quoted are GST inclusive. 7. Due to limitations on the current interface between Internet Voice services and the Emergency Call System 000 number, making calls to the emergency 000 number may not be available from your Fibre Phone service. Please ensure you have access to the emergency 000 number via an alternative mobile or fixed landline number in the event of an emergency or power outage. 8. Priority Assistance is also not available on MyOwn Tel’s Fibre Phone service. 9. If you want to transfer your existing phone number from another telephone network on to the SC FTTH network, a $99 port fee will apply per service. 10. You may change your Fibre Internet plan/speed once per month. Each speed/plan change attracts a charge of $59. 11. Professional install includes travel and one hour of work. Pricing after this is $165/hour, charged in 15 minute increments.

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