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Super-fast broadband at super low prices!

Get FREE install and a Wi-Fi router when you sign up to any Fibre Internet plan on any contract term!*

Fibre Broadband

Stream your favourite TV shows and movies, play games, and get all the web browsing you could possibly want with MyOwn Tel’s super fast Fibre Broadband. Our plans have absolutely no excess data charges, so you’ll never have to worry about bill-shock again!

Check out our super fast, super competitive Fibre Broadband plans below, ranging from 25/5 Mbps all the way up to 100/40 Mbps. With super fast speeds and unlimited data, you can download to your heart’s content.

Step 1 > Choose your Fibre Broadband plan

For a limited time, get FREE install and a Wi-Fi router with any Fibre Broadband Plan below with a 1 month term*

Step 2 > Choose your minimum contract term


FREE Setup
FREE Mikrotik Router Included

6 Months

$99 FREE Setup
FREE Mikrotik Router Included

18 Months

FREE Setup
FREE Mikrotik Router Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up?
Unfortunately no.

Whilst we’d love to provide these super awesome plans to everyone, they are only available to customers who reside in 111 Quay Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.

Keep checking back though, because we will be growing our network footprint in the future.

Do I need my own modem or router?
Yes, you will need a fibre capable router.

Your router will act as the Network Terminating Device that connects your apartment to our Fibre network.
You can use the free Mikrotik Router we include with all data plans.

Can I connect Foxtel?
For all pay television services, including Foxtel, you simply need to contact your desired provider of choice to get connected.

Terms & Conditions

Internet Plans: Pricing includes GST. Payment must be made via Direct Debit. Dynamic IP Address provided, a Static IP can be purchased for $10 per month. Fair use policy applies. Offer only available to residents located at 111 Quay Street, Brisbane QLD 4000. Speeds are maximum theoretical speeds which may be less due to network contention and transmission protocol overheads. The top 5% of downloaders may be subject to shaping if MyOwn Tel determines they are detrimentally affecting the network. Early Termination Fee equals the minimum monthly charge, multiplied by the months remaining in your contract term.

*1 Month Term Promotion (“The offer”): The offer applies only to new 111 Quay Street customers signing up to any Fibre Broadband plan with a minimum 1 month contract term. Free install includes 1 x remote activation of service only; Professional Install is POA. Free router is subject to substitution if required due to limited stock availability. The offer expires 11:59PM 31st March 2019. MyOwn Tel reserves the right to extend, withdraw or amend this offer at any time at its sole discretion.

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